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Photos from the Ohio Infrastructure Report Card Press Conference

May 20, 2009 press conference for the release of the 2009 Ohio Infrastructure Report Card.  Left to right, Bob Heady, Central Ohio Section Younger Member President; Emily Wieringa, Central Ohio Section President; James Pajk, committee member; David Pritchard, ASCE Regional Governor; Steve Loskota, committee member; Kevin Carpenter, Ohio Infrastructure Report Card Chairperson; Blaine Leonard, National ASCE President-elect; Brian Toombs, committee member; Aaron Call, committee member; Mike Smejkal, committee member; Carolyn Merry, committee member


ASCE National President-elect Blaine Leonard addressing the media at the 2009 Ohio Infrastructure Report Card press conference

Ohio Infrastructure Report Card Chairperson Kevin Carpenter addresses the media at the Ohio Statehouse.