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Ohio Council Past Presidents

2017/2018     Dave Armstrong                    Dayton

2016/2017      Erin Woodson                       Akron/Canton

2015/2016      Keith Aschemeier                 Toledo

2014/2015     John Konrad                          Cleveland

2013/2014     Peter Narsavage                    Central Ohio

2012/2013     Duncan Paterson                   Cincinnati

2011/2012     Lynn Cain                              Dayton

2010/2011     Charles Hammontree             Akron/Canton

2009/2010     Scott Heisey                          Toledo

2008/2009     Joseph Recktenwald              Cleveland

2007/2008     James Pajk                            Central Ohio

2006/2007     Richard Miller                        Cincinnati

2005/2006     Terry Dalrymple                     Dayton

2004/2005     Gregg Loesch                        Akron/Canton

2003/2004     Tom Ehler                              Toledo

2002/2003                                                   Cleveland

2001/2002     David Caprio                          Central Ohio


Note: Information for ASCE Ohio Council past presidents prior to 2001 is not available.