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2017-18 Ohio Council Officers

The following are the 2016-2017 ASCE Ohio Council of Local Sections Officers:

President- David Armstrong, P.E., Dayton Section

Vice-President- Tony Klimek, P.E., Cincinnati Section

Secretary- Mark Seidelman, P.E., Central Ohio Section

Treasurer-  James Pajk, P.E., Central Ohio Section


The positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary are filled on a rotating basis with a section nominating an individual to serve of the Ohio Council Board of Direction.  The order goes, secretary, vice-president then president. 

The rotating order of sections is as follows, with the next year(takes office after the fall meeting of the year listed) that the section nominates to fill the position of secretary.

Cincinnati (2016)

Central Ohio (2017)

Cleveland (2018)

Toledo (2019)

Akron-Canton (2020)

Dayton (2021)

The position of Treasurer is appointed by the council and has no limit to the number of years served.

For any questions concerning the Ohio Council, please direct them to James Pajk, webpage editor.