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2014 Ohio Council Spring Meeting

The spring meeting for the ASCE Ohio Council of Local Sections was held on April 4, 2014 at the Franklin County Engineer's Office in Columbus, Ohio.  The meeting was presided over by Ohio Council President Peter Narsavage.  The attachments are items either discussed or distributed at the meeting.  Meeting minutes are also attached.

2014-04-04 ASCE Ohio Council Agenda.pdf57.86 KB
ASCE R3 Parks Mar 2014.pdf30.07 KB
ASCE R3 Transportation Mar 2014.pdf43.13 KB
ASCE R3 Water Mar 2014.pdf37.11 KB
2014 spring treasurers report.pdf75.22 KB
2013-14Ohio Council Budget Approved w rev 11-13-13 and 3-31-14 update.pdf76.9 KB
2012-2013 Budget and Actuals.pdf71.58 KB
Audit Report 2012-2013.pdf120.51 KB
2014 spring committee and section reports.pdf549.87 KB
Ohio Council ASCE meeting minutes 4-4-2014.pdf237.11 KB