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2013 ASCE Ohio Council Fall Meeting

The 2013 ASCE Ohio Council fall meeting was held on September 27, 2013 at E.L. Robinson Engineering Office at 1801 Watermark Drive, 3rd Floor, Columbus, Ohio

2013-9-27 Agenda.pdf62.96 KB
2013 FallTreasurers Report.pdf75.15 KB
2013-14Ohio Council Budget Approved w rev 11-13-13.pdf78.02 KB
Fall 2013OCEA Committee Report to Ohio Council.pdf77.37 KB
Ohio Council income and expense summary correct 10-30-13.pdf400.26 KB
Ohio Council ASCE meeting sign-in 2013-09-27.pdf55.77 KB
Fall 13 section reports.pdf531.3 KB