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Ohio Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

The Ohio Council of ASCE is soliciting nominations for the 2016 Ohio Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award.  Nominations must be received by the Ohio OCEA Committee Chair no later than 5:00 PM, Monday, March 7, 2016.  If you are unable to meet this deadline, please contact Al Esser at 440-256-6500.


Selection criteria for the Ohio OCEA Award parallels national ASCE's criteria except that nominated projects must be located within Ohio's borders.  Projects nominated for but not winning the national ASCE OCEA competition are eligible.  Ohio Council’s OCEA winner will be selected by a committee of judges representing each Ohio Section.

Ohio Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award Criteria

The award is given annually to a Civil Engineering project, not an individual or firm, to recognize the contribution of the many engineers who have worked on the project.


Selection is based on how the project demonstrates the application of civil engineering skills and its contribution to civil engineering progress and mankind.  Judges will consider the following criteria: (1) contribution to the well-being of people and communities, (2) resourcefulness in planning and in the solution of design problems, (3) pioneering use of materials and methods, (4) innovations in construction, and (5) impact on the physical environment, unusual aspects, and esthetic values.


The judges will also consider the project's potential adverse effects.  The nomination should look frankly at the project's problems, technical and otherwise.


A bronze plaque will be awarded to the winning Ohio Project to be mounted in a prominent location at the project site.  The presentation ceremony will provide an excellent opportunity for publicity and recognition.

Guidelines for Eligibility

Only civil engineering projects meeting the following requirements in the calendar year of the award are eligible:


1.   Bridges, tunnels, waterway structures, roads (other than toll roads) are eligible only when carrying traffic.  The time of dedication or final completion is not important.


2.   Toll or similar regional roads may be entered for the year's award when it is 75 percent complete.  Any portion in use may be eligible on its own merit.


3.   Water supply, flood control, and power dams are eligible when ready to take the full design head of water.  For power dams, it is not important when power goes on line.


4.   Power plants, including nuclear, are eligible when power goes on line.


5.   Buildings and structures are eligible when ready for use.


6.   Airports and similar large developments are eligible when a structure or feature is operational.  However, such structures or features must stand on their own merit in the competition with no consideration given for the overall project.  The entire project may be considered for the year's award when it is 75 percent operational in its initial stage.


7.   Any portion of a water supply and waste control project may be eligible in its year of completion, but that portion will be considered on its own merits, not as representing the overall project.  Where only additional units, similar to those already functional, remain to be completed, the entire project may be considered for the year's award when it is 50 percent operational in its initial stage.


8.   Military projects are eligible for their civil engineering aspects.


9.   The judges will determine eligibility for projects that do not fall within any of the above categories.  Ohio Council will give the judges as much latitude as possible in determining eligibility and making their final selection.


10. No project or component part thereof is reconsidered after receiving an award.

Submittal Guidelines

The judges do not look for mountains of facts, but ask that the submitter sort out the significant facts about the project.  Elaborate on these items.  Your nomination should identify the unusual or unique aspects of the project.  Emphasize key problems and their solutions.  Consider all phases of the project: planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance.  Perhaps the project's environment—economic, political, ecological, social, or legal—presented the most difficult challenges and led to the most unique solutions.


Technical information should be expressed in common engineering terms.  The OCEA judges are all civil engineers but come from all disciplines and have diverse engineering backgrounds. 


All entries should include the following in order:

1.   An official entry form.

2.   Project description, no longer than 250 words.

3.   At least one color photograph of the project.  More photos are encouraged.  Copies in digital format (jpg preferred) are also encouraged.  Ohio Council may use photographs for publicity including the Ohio Council web site.  Photos will not be returned.

4.   Summary describing how the project meets the judging criteria limited to 1000 words.

5.   Attach copies of articles from local newspapers and trade journals if available.

6.   Include only data and charts that are essential to understanding the project's technical aspects and innovations.

7.   Electronic submittals (pdf format) are preferred.  If submitting on paper, please send seven copies of the entry as indicated below. 

8.   All entries must be accompanied by a letter from the project owner indicating support for the nomination. 


Entries should be submitted to the Ohio OCEA Chair, Al Esser, no later than 5:00 PM, Monday, March 7, 2016  An entry form and additional information about the OCEA program in Ohio can be downloaded or viewed and printed from the Internet at  Descriptions of some past awards are posted.


If you have any questions concerning your project's eligibility or how to submit your nomination, please call Al Esser at 440-256-6500, or send e-mail to  Electronic submittals should be submitted to this e-mail address. 


Entries may be submitted on CD/DVD or via the Internet in pdf format.  If submitting by e-mail, include a reply request or send a separate message without attachments requesting confirmation that your submittal was received.  Receipt will be confirmed for Internet submittals. 


Mail entries to:  Alan J. Esser, PE, D.GE, Ohio OCEA Award Committee Chair, SME, Inc., 9375 Chillicothe Road, Kirtland, Ohio 44094-8501.

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