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Ohio Department of Health Small Wastewater System Designers List

The Ohio Department of Health is preparing a listing of Consulting Engineers qualified and interested in design of small on-site sewage treatment systems in Ohio. The Ohio Council of ASCE is forwarding this notice to members at the request of ODH. If you or your firm is interested in being placed on this list, please contact:

Steven Schmidt at the Ohio Department of Health
Please copy email to Dave Pritchard at:

See the Suggested Submittal Format below

The Ohio Department of Health adopted new sewage treatment systems rules effective January 1, 2015 that establish the standards for the siting, design, installation, monitoring, maintenance and abandonment of sewage treatment systems including household and small flow on-site systems (systems that can treat up to 1,000 gpd). Several professional engineers participated in the extensive rule development process, and ODH currently has professional engineers represented on the sewage treatment systems technical advisory committee that provides review and recommendations to the Director of Health regarding sewage treatment system products for use in the state. ODH appreciates the contributions that professional engineers have made to the development of the rules and now their implementation.

The sewage treatment system rules establish criteria for sewage treatment systems designers and designs under OAC Rule 3701-29-10. Here is a link to the rule for reference:

These household and small flow sewage treatment systems are regulated by the Ohio Department of Health under OAC Chapter 3701-28. These systems are very different than the design of WWTPs. These types of systems include septic tank or pretreatment to leach lines or other types of soil absorption including gravity and pressure distribution systems, sand mounds, drip distribution and spray irrigation type systems (does not include surface discharge systems).

In the past, sanitarians at some local heath districts have prepared simple to sometimes more complex designs as a service to their customers. For several reasons including conflict of interest concerns, ODH has been encouraging local health districts to phase out of preparing designs for homeowners. As a result of the new rules and the related requirements for design, many local health districts have discontinued the practice of preparing system designs.

ODH has been receiving calls from system owners and local health districts seeking qualified designers for sewage treatment systems in their area. In order to assist homeowners and local health districts, ODH is compiling a list of design resources and companies that provide these design services.

If you or your firm wishes to be included on this list please forward relevant information to:

Steven Schmidt, Ohio Department of Health


Information from interested engineering firms that is suggested for submittal to ODH for design of small on-site sewage treatment installations falling under ODH rules and regulated by local health departments:

  • Firm or individual name and contact information – Email, phone, website, primary address
  • Individual or department to contact
  • Location of office(s) where the work would be carried out.
  • Areas in Ohio where this service will be offered (i.e. statewide or specific counties or metro areas, geographic area, etc.)
  • Previous experience in this type of work by the firm or individual staff members
  • Qualifications, licenses, certifications for this type of work

The information should not exceed one page (11 point or larger type) and should not include graphics other than the firm logo.

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